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This second edition of Alraune Journal is dedicated to the exploration of the Poison Path with a focus on personal gnosis and practices offering a reification of what has been gained through the Poisoners dealing with the Spirits and Genii of the Verdant, Divine and Daimonic Intoxication.


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  • About the importance of the rite in the use of entheogens - Marcos Drake
    The Way to Poison - Alexander Dushkov
    The Devil's Supper or the Poisoned Eucharist - Soror Imperator
    The Magicks of Mandragora - Trinidy Patterson
    Possession and madness: the mysteries of ergot in rural Galicia - Vini de Monte
    Borrowed Ideas - Tugce Okay
    Poison Arrow and a gardener’s journey - Poison Arrow
    Building a bioregional Poison Path - Rebecca Beyer
    Of Fire and Water : Poison in artefact quenching - Mayishtar
    The Medeousa - Idlu Lili Regulus
    Medea, the Poison of dishonour - Selenya
    Virgo Infernus - Viridian Gnosis & Chthonic Sibilation - Chthonia
    Venus suspended in Venenum - B. Drinnon / Overgrown Nightshade
    Healing the heart with poisonous plants - Coby Michael
    Beckoning helleborus in the winter garden - Amanda Shoemaker
    Morning glory - Laurie Bianciotto
    At the heart of the inexpressible and ecstasy in Mazatec territory - Marcos Drake
    The Tree and the Snake: Jurema Sagrada & Ayahuasca - Mehdi Richard

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