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Codex Ad Limina concentrates on the first of the totem that falls under the auspices of the sinistral horn. Primarily the book discusses the return to the threshold, which if you recall the sorcerer retreated from in the previous Volume 2. And while there is a brief mention of a return in Volume 2 it does flesh out the sorcerer’s relationship to the totem.

The Black Bull is seen as emerging from the telluric domain, and embodies the strength required to undergo the initiation of the sorcerer. The book describes the interrelationship between the two and does so in such a way that the sorcerer begins to understand the role of becoming detached has when undergoing an initiation.


Codex Icons: A set of 72 cards featuring graphic and sigillic formula from both Volume 2 of Black Dragon and Codex Ad Limina. The set of cards are to be used as a visionary device for communicating directly with those daemons, totems and djinn featured across the text. Limited strictly to 150 copies.


This copy have a slight bump of the lower right corner as seen of the photos.

Codex Ad Limina; Hallowing the Broken Ground & Codex Icons

190,00 €Price
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