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Muses No More: Portraits of Occult Women is a meandering ghost train through the lives, work, politics and beliefs of both familiar and lesser known female occultists from the distant past to the 21st century.

MUSES NO MORE - Ùna Maria Blyth Hard cover

40,00 €Price
  • Section One: Portraits

    1 - Margot Adler: Journalist Priestess
    2 - Doreen Valiente: Mother of Modern Witchcraft
    3 - Marjorie Cameron: Muse No More
    4 - Sybil Leek: Witch Next Door
    5 - Madeline Montalban: Lady of Lucifer
    6 - Rosaleen Norton: The Witch of King’s Cross
    7 - Mirra Alfassa: The Mother
    8 - Maya Deren: Sorceress of the Screen
    9 - Pamela Colman Smith: Tarot’s High Priestess
    10 - Maria de Naglowska: Satanic Woman
    11 - Annie Besant: Sceptical Seeker
    12 - Leila Waddell: Rag-Time Revolutionary
    13 - Moina Mathers: A Subversive Wife
     14 - Sojourner Truth: Power in Forgiveness
    15 - Marie Laveau: Voodoo Queen of New Orleans
    16 - Biddy Early: Medicine Woman
    17 - Isobel Gowdie: The Confessor

    Section Two: Rituals

    Banishing the Hungry Ghost
    The Practice of Oomancy
    Kinship Candle Ritual
    Zodiacal Mind Training
    Unglamouring Ritual
    A Simple Sabbath Unguent
    The Arrival Exercise
    A Beginner’s Guide to Possession
    Tarot for Creative Blocks
    Your Ears Can Be Microphones
    Hexing 101: Know Your Enemy
    Scrying Musical Notation
    A Practice for Life
    Ritual Towards Liberation
    Ancestral Altar in a Box
    Eyebright Tea
    Witch Bottle for Bravery


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