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This work contains Matthew Hopkin’s treatise on witchcraft from 1647 and an essay about Hopkins by Montague Summers. Hopkins was England’s self-proclaimed Witchfinder General. From 1644 until 1647, he travelled from village to village, trying and torturing those unfortunates accused of witchcraft. England was going through a civil war, and the state of political turmoil made it possible for Hopkins to assume authority and roam about as he pleased, burning witches and torturing as he went. It is believed that he was responsible for the deaths of 300 people. (This equates to more than half of the total number of witches killed in England from 1400-1700.) The legend is that he stole the Devil’s list of names from Lucifer himself, and that’s how he knew where to look and who to interrogate.

The Discovery of Witches - Montague Summers

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