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Codex Althaeban Malik otherwise known as The Book of Aberrations is an intermediary volume between Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Book of the Black Dragon by Atramentos press.


The book addresses three primary issues, the idea of the Proklosis Ring as the open ground, the distribution of the first sorcerer’s name upon the ground as an emblem of intent, and the extending of points by using each letter to traverse lines of intersection as a way of communicating with the shadow of ourselves Althaeban Malik.


The Solander box spine have 7 raised bands with one coloured panel in red with the title of the book foil blocked onto it. Each band is bordered by foil blocked lines. Limited to only 40 deluxe editions The inside of the solander box is  black velvet with an AP blind embossed insignia on the left hand side. Codex Icons Limited to 150 sets 300 gsm Single sided board Black image on each side of card Printed Belt wrap Each set is shrink wrapped A set of 80 Telesmatic A5 cards, featuring sigils and artwork by Carolyn Hamilton-Giles First Edition, Deluxe Edition limited to 40 copies signed and sigilised.


The icons are not in their original Sealing, and the belt wrap is a bit damaged.

Codex Althaeban Malik Deluxe Solander Box Signed & Codex Icons Cards

1.100,00 €Price
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