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Liber HVHI By (author): Michael W. Ford, Edited by: Paul Núñez, Illustrated by: Rayza Camila Ortiz, Foreword by: Thomas Karlsson, Cover design or artwork by: Fosco Culto
Liber HVHI is a grimoire that offers guidance towards initiation by the Infernal Rites of the Qlippoth, an extensive magical system that presents a solid and understandable way of working with the Tree of Da'ath and its branches.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part, "The Infernal Rites of the Qlippoth," discusses the 22 spheres of the Qlippoth, or "shells," and the methods of filling and draining them. The second part, "The Adversarial Current," explores the roots of the Adversary as the Demonic Masculine and Feminine, and presents rituals and exercises that are geared towards self-deification and predatory spiritualism.

LIBER HVHI: The Magick of the Adversary – Michael W. Ford

90,00 €Price
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