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Founded by Thomas Karlsson and a group of young magicians in Sweden in the late ’80s, the magical order Dragon Rouge has been one of the most notable in the past 30 years within the Left-Hand Path and occultism in general. Many prominent figures in modern magic and art have passed through its ranks, and countless stories have been woven around it.

The Mephistophelian Trilogy is the autobiography of Thomas Karlsson, chronicling the beginnings and early development of Dragon Rouge, combining three previously separately published books:

Amongst Mystics and Magicians in Stockholm: The first installment where a young Thomas, having embarked on his own magical journey, founds the Order with his associates. Here we find the beginnings of Dragon Rouge’s seals or the author’s internal and external journeys.

A Necromancer’s Diary: Reflections on death and the afterlife, accompanied by the author’s magical anecdotes, navigating a darker path through the Other Side.

At the End of the Left-Hand Path: A Guide to Existential Survival through the Dark Arts: The final and richest reflections of the author’s and his Order’s early phase, with valuable conclusions drawn from exhaustive magical experiences.

The value of these novelized accounts lies in their being gems from an experienced master, from which we can find common points for our own understanding. In this sense, the work becomes a practical guide, in the form of told stories, allowing us to taste magic from the safety of our reading room. In this book, you will find a vast array of experiences with spirits, demons, and gods, rare grimoires, Lucifer and Lilith, magical techniques, encounters with great sages, and much more, all enriched by the author’s great musical and artistic taste and his countless references to various subjects.

A must-have book on any respectable occultist’s shelf.

The Mephistophelian Trilogy: A Draconian Autobiography – Thomas Karlsson

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