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Crafted with genuine leather binding along the spine, adorned with raised spine ribs, this exclusive edition showcases meticulous craftsmanship. The front and back covers feature exquisite hand-marbled paper, while the book is nestled within a custom-made solander box. Wrapped in fine Italian linen cloth and accented with marble paper sides, the box is embellished with elegant lettering along its side and a striking copper imprint on the lid. Inside, the pages are luxuriously lined with soft-touch velvet cloth.

Handcrafted in the Netherlands, this limited edition comprises only 11 exemplars, with this particular copy being number 9. Within its pages lies a grimoire exploring the evocation of the Shem ha Mephorash angels, a revered list of 72 ancient occult spirits. Revealing detailed insights and spirit signatures, this work unveils the secrets of these angels, allowing practitioners of black magic to harness their energy through ceremonial conjuration. By dissecting the Abrahamic creator Deity into 72 segments, this tome empowers practitioners to engage with these entities and invoke their power for arcane pursuits.

Black Magic Evocation of the Shem Ha Mephorash Devotee edition

800,00 €Price
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