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GENESIS OF THE BOOK OF THE LAW is an intricate study of the magickal events in the life of Aleister Crowley specifically leading up to the reception of The Book of the Law and its aftermath over decades.

The work is presented as a timeline which concentrates in a scientific manner upon the temporal events, mystical and psychic transformations and qabalistic ciphers that indicated clear magickal or multi-dimensional activity in the life of the Great Beast 666 and beyond.

This volume being limited to 222 copies bound in quarter tan kidskin
with Egyptian papyrus, light ochre hemp embossed endpapers.

Part One: The Cairo Working (1875-1904)
Part Two: The Birth of the A∴A∴ and the O.T.O. Legacy (1905-1917)
Part Three: The Coming of the Magickal Childe (1918-1962)

Genesis of the Book of the Law : papyrus and leather edition-Aleister Crowley

70,00 €Price
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