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The Rites Of Wrath By S. Ben Qayin

The Quimbanda Goetia By Carlos Montenegro

A Hieroglyphic Exegesis of the Gholem Gnozis By Sean Woodward

The Ybte Myth Cycle By Lukasz Grochocki

Dr. John Montanee: A Grimoire. The Path of a New…By Dr. Louie Martinié

Nepsis By Tau Palamas

The Spiritually of Nothing in the Voids Womb By Angela Edwards

Honoring the Forgotten Ones of Panphage By Aion 131

Golachab and Gasheklah: Severity and Mercy in Extremis By Cort Williams

Rite of the Abyss By Chaos Therion

QLIPHOTH opus IV "Quintessence (The temple of the Black Serpent)

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