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The Special Dark Moon Huntress Edition of Queen of Hell, the first installment in the Enthroned Beyond Akasha series, is hand-bound in a limited run of only 333 editions, each fully bound in Bloodstone Leather with heavy boards and a silk bookmark. The book is printed on the finest, most luxurious paper available in the publishing world, featuring quality thick black endpapers stamped in gold foil.

The outer covers are stamped with the Sacred Seals of Primal Witchcraft in gold foil on both front and back. The pages are gilded, and the spine is stamped in gold with the name, title, and Primal Craft Seal, complemented by three double gold spine bands (six gold lines) for added elegance."

Queen of Hell – Dark Moon Huntress Edition

170,00 €Price
  • Full Queen of Hell Grimoire

    Additional Contents:

    • Two previously out of print essays (out of print circa 2008 and 2009 respectively) detailing overviews of my own Primal Craft Path.
    • One New Previously Unpublished / Unreleased Essay
    • Ritual Template Guide to employing the work within the tome. This explanation will aid your understanding of the work within the tome and guide you over a 6 month period – allowing expansion of magickal abilities and elevation upon The Path of Flames
    • Two Previously released – now reworked – tutorials that we believe vastly compliment and assist the work within Queen of Hell:
    • Sexual Magickal Possession – The Key to unlocking power within the Primal Craft Grimoires.
    • Godform Assumption – Trance Mediumship and Communion with the Beloved.
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